Efkarpos | Original Greek Tastes
Efkarpos | Original Greek Tastes
  • The olive oil of Efkarpos’ company is characterized as extra virgin and has not undergone any processing or additives other than washing, decantation, centrifugation or filtration.

    It produced in the region of Laconia Greece and it is considered among the best in Greece. It is known for its unique aroma, superior clarity and rich taste. It has light green color and low acidity (0.3% -0.5%).

    Produced and packaged in modern facilities with the strictest safety standards of certification ISO 22000/2005 and also, it has been certified by the protected geographical indication PGI LACONIA (POG/2429-23341.13)



    The extra virgin olive oil is known to antiquity for its nutritional properties for human. Specifically:

    • Helps to confrontation of cancer (especially colon and breast),
    • Prevents oxidative damage thereby helping to slow aging.
    • Combats atherosclerosis which is the major cause of coronary heart disease and
    • It helps to heal peptic ulcers.
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