Efkarpos | Original Greek Tastes
Efkarpos | Original Greek Tastes
  • Oranges of Efkarpos’ company derived from the best varieties of oranges in Greece as: Navalines, Valencia, Merlin and Sanguine.

    The Navalines oranges are medium-sized, juicy with very sweet flavor and seedless.
    The Valencia oranges are medium-sized with thin skin, excellent flavor, strong and acid taste and ideal for juice and seedless.
    The Merlin oranges are large oranges with very tasty and succulent fruit and seedless.
    The Sanguine oranges have hard skin and deep red color, almost the color of blood. They are rich in vitamin C which strengthen the immune system and protect human health from diseases.


    Oranges are a key part of the daily diet of humans while they assumed to be beneficial to health and longevity. In particular, oranges are rich in vitamin C, potassium, selenium and fiber, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, chlorine, and zinc. Due to their ingredients oranges help in prevention of cancer, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthen the heart and immune system and promote brain development.

    Efkarpos’ Oranges are exported either in cardboard box of 10 or 20 kg or in net (girsack) of 3 kg.

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